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Updated: Apr 26

We are looking to expand and to do this we must build a bigger team of musicians and music production specialists. (In business lingo: we need additional subcontractors to support what we do.) If you are interested in what we are planning, then do contact us. Tell us about your musical interests, what your skills and expertise are, and how you feel you might get involved in being part of our ambitious plan.

Presently, many different companies are either expanding or moving into the entertainment industry, and this provides growth and opportunity for us too. They all have these things in common, to produce content, to compete for paying viewers and in my humble opinion, this expansion is on the up. And importantly, they all need us: the creative power of musicians and music production specialists.

Our objectives are quite simple; let us seek out these opportunities. Through collaboration and networking, we can combine our skills and expertise, believing, that together we will stand a better chance of succeeding. Once, we would have had to be in the same room working with each other, but all that has changed. At the core of these changes are the internet, high-speed broadband, much cheaper computing power, software, and communication technologies. I hope you feel excited about these developments too.

Let us know how you would like to contribute to our ambitious vision. Email your interest from this link, and I will send back to you a skills criteria checklist. Tick a few boxes, make a comment or two and importantly send me a link to your website.

We are interested to hear from you and to learn about what you have done. Remember, there are no obligations so, do contact us.



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