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Updated: Apr 24

Face to Face

It's a good idea to have at least one face to face meeting with a prospective music team, preferably more. It really is the best way to begin to establish the right ground rules for the enterprise you are undertaking. But it may depend on where production teams are located. Today, music composition and production are very digital enterprises and the music team may work from different locations to yours. Yes, it will take a music team to make the soundtrack, as the enterprise of making music involves different musicians contributing different skills to the project. The working distances are not an issue as they once were, and should not impede workflow. It is very easy and cheap to use video conferencing to communicate and this should be done regularly. Take a risk and reach out beyond your borders and stretch your imagination to see what might be achievable.

Listen To The Music

Think of the composer as a collaborator and work to the composer's strengths. Choose a composer whom you believe can make a valuable contribution to the project. Spend time imagining the composer's music set against your project. What's it feel like and what are its strengths and weaknesses that you experience?

Remember, Alfred Hitchcock had Bernard Herman and the Coen brother have Carter Burwell. You never know, your choice of the composer may be the start of a winning combination becoming the envy of others.

Trusting Others

There is always the practical stuff and that gets the job done too. How do you know if you can trust someone? Well, I hear you, its a challenge. But Robert Kiyosaki - "Powerful Presentations" showed me that it's the little things at the very beginning that indicate trust. Mundane things such as, the person turning up on time and doing the things that they said they would do. Or, are they always making excuses and explaining that its someone else's fault that caused them to miss your deadline. If you can trust them with small things, then maybe you'll feel more confident about the bigger things, like the composing then music for your project.

10 Favourite Songs

Don't turn up, to the first meeting with a list of your 10 favorite pieces of music and expect the music team to emulate them. It is a total waste of their talent and time and you'ill always be disappointed with the outcome. If you want your 10 favorite pieces of music as your soundtrack, then pay the royalties to use them.

Think of the composer as a collaborator. Listen to what they have done and imagine how they can achieve your vision in music and sound. They really do want to help and if you play to their strengths then who knows, they might just go beyond your expectations and deliver an outstanding soundtrack.

Don't Blame Me

Constructive criticism is a powerful aid to realizing shared goals. But it must be founded on mutual respect and trust for the other's contributions. If you prefer to work as a master and the composer as the employee, then there may never be enough goodwill form either party to just go that extra distance. But, if the relationship is be built on mutual respect for the contributions each makes, well who knows what might be achieved. It's up to you how you decide to approach it and don't blame me.


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