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Make your choice and make it happen!

Your soundtrack is waitng to be created

  • I get it, trusting others with your vision has risks

  • Conatcting me is a very easy first step

I know, its such a common mistake to leave
the music till the very last minute

Outstanding soundtracks take time and energy to create
Your project deserves all of that too
Don't wait for the deadline hammer to hit
Be different and act now

  • Tell me about your project

  • Send me a script

  • Lsten to my music and watch the videos

  • When are you deadline dates and how can I help you reach them?

  • Read my blog "5 Things To Get From The Composer"

Having sorted out your soundtrack, relax and feel the freedom you now have to do other things.

“Without music, life would be a blank to me.”― Jane Austen


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Playing Piano

What I do

Composing Music
Playing Piano
Playing Piano


  • Composer & Producer, Classical, Jazz and Pop influenced music styles

  • Production  collaboration teams of highly skilled musicians and sound engineers

  • Digital and analogue productions

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  • Film

  • T.V

  • Drama

  • Commercials

  • Games

  • Advertising & promotion


  • Backing Tracks

  • Beats

  • Collaborations

  • Arrangments

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